As WordPress professionals say, it’s better to first work on your WordPress website locally before migrating it to the internet. Let’s say after days of working hard on a WordPress website, themes plugins and all, you are now ready to publish it on the internet. You can’t of course just copy the files because that’s not gonna work at all!

In this guide, we are going to explain to you how to move your website from localhost to the internet, or from a WordPress website to another, the Easiest way using a WordPress migration plugin.

I – Exporting the Website from Localhost.

1 – Install & Activate the Required Plugin.

First, head to your locally-hosted WordPress. We will need a plugin called “All-in-One WP Migration”, which you can get either from or from “Plugins > Add New”. After finding it, go ahead Install & activate it.

2 – Go to the Plugin Menu.

After installing it, you will find it on the WordPress menu. Go ahead and press “Export To > File” and then select where do you want to put the backup file.

II – Importing the Website from the Backup to the Hosting.

Now it’s time to import your website to the internet! Prepare yourself for this historical moment.

If you don’t have a hosting yet, you can check out our article on How to make a WordPress website.

Before migrating your website keep in mind that the currently hosted WordPress login, password & users will be replaced with the ones from the localhost.

Now go ahead and access your hosted WordPress, and install the plugin there if you don’t have it. Then simply go to “Import” and import the file we exported before there.

That’s all, now go ahead and enjoy your website online.