Microsoft Windows has been one of the most popular (if not the MOST POPULAR) operating systems that existed since the ’80s. And it still popular now in 2019, good job Bill. If you are using windows, there are some cool windows commands that can be done from the command line.

In this article, I will talk about some useful windows commands that you should know because you never know when you might need them.

1 – systeminfo

This command shows you all the information related to your system & your computer.

2 – ipconfig

Do you want to know your IP address on your local network? This one will do it.

3 – sfc /scannow

I have made a video about this command. It basically scans all your windows system files and fix them. As simple as that!

Here is the video:

4 – ping

“Is my network working or not? Is it from my browser?” Then try pinging an address and see if it is returning packets or not. It also shows you how much time does the packet takes to return, that could help you know if your internet connection is fast or slow.

5 – netstat

Are you into networking and stuff? Then this command will be so useful for you! It shows different network statistics that are related to computer communication with other devices/networks.

6 – shutdown

This command shutdowns your computer, as simple as that, but it can also be used as a shutdown timer. I explained that in this video:

7 – ipconfig /flushdns

Don’t like keeping recently visited websites cache on your computer? Then flush the DNS! It can also solve too many website loading errors.

8 – taskkill & tasklist


Your task manager is not working, maybe you got a virus that’s blocking it and you want to force close it but you can’t. In this case, you should use tasklist to display running tasks & then use task kill to KILL IT!

taskkill /f /im program.exe

Do you know any other commands that you think they are more useful? Then let us know about them.

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