Are you suffering from lag on your microsoft windows 10 computer? Is it freezing from time to time? Are you experiencing FPS drops while you are gaming? We got the solution!

Today we bring you 4 methods to make your windows run faster than Eminem’s rapping (Well not really, not that fast).

I – Disabling Services That you Don’t Need.

First, Go to your Windows search and type “MSCONFIG” or “System Configuration” and click it.

After that, Choose the “Services” tab, check “Hide all Microsoft services” and then uncheck the services you don’t need. After finishing, press “Apply” then “OK“.

II – Using Advanced Settings > Performance.

Go to “This Pc“, right-click the empty space and click on properties.

On your left, choose “Advanced system settings”.

Next on the Advanced tab, Choose “Settings…” under Performance.

Here it’s up to you to change the settings depending on what you want, more performance less visual and vice versa. If you want to choose “Best Performance“, at least keep “Show thumbnails instead of icons“.

III – Disabling Start-Up Programs

Right click on your taskbar and choose “Task Manager“.

Head to “Start-Up“, from there you can choose which program to stop autostart using “Enable/Disable“.

IV – Using a .bat File (At Your Own Risk!)

This one basically edits your windows system and removes all the unnecessary Microsoft Windows programs/services/registry keys and leaves your windows clean. Note: You won’t be able to receive Windows Updates.

You can get the file here (Mega Link):


1 – Go to File, Save As.

2 – Save as type “All Files”; Name the file anything you want but don’t forget to add “.bat” at the end and Save.

3 – Run it as administrator.

4 – Wait for it to show you the “Windows Explorer needs to be restarted”.

Enjoy your new fast speed Windows 10!

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