Programmer or not, we all would love to have our own website, where we can share our thoughts and work on our projects. Also having a website became one of the most important things in this decade since some businesses even started including it on forms!

If you have the money, building a website from an online website builder can be the easiest way to create a website ever! Since this kind of website make it easier for everyone, from all ages, to make a simple website.

If you want a cheaper but a bit longer & complex way, you can see How to create a website using WordPress.

What is a Website Builder?

It’s simply a software that helps you create a website without coding knowledge!

There are 2 kinds of website builders :

Offline Website Builders: Also known as Web Design Software, those are applications that create a website inside your computer, which later can be published into a website.

Online Website Builders: Which are usually provided by hosting companies. it has a drag-and-drop system which makes website creation easier than ever and it publishes directly online! In this tutorial, we will be using an online website builder called, Which is one of the best website builders on the internet!

Website Builder vs CMS.

Each has it pros & cons, we can’t really prefer one on the other. Also, each suits different needs.

If you are willing to start a portfolio or a small business website then a website builder would be more right for you. But for a much bigger project, you definitely need a CMS-made website.

Also if you don’t have basic coding skills then we don’t recommend using a CMS.

Here is why a Website Builder may fits you:

  • Simple to use & without coding knowledge.
  • Easy to use & friendly Visual User Interface.
  • Create a website in only few hours.
  • Technical support included.

Which Website Builder is right for me?

Here in this article, we recommend using one of the 2 best website builders. We will cover each one with it features to help you find the right one for you.


Created in 2006, Wix is one of the most knowledgable website building platforms.


  • One of the easiest website builders on the entire internet.
  • Fast! Create a website in minutes
  • It works well for e-commerce stores (You can also check Shopify which is the best e-commerce platform).
  • Cool website editor.
  • Tons of themes & options to customize your website with.
  • Amazing customer support.

What I like about Wix is that they have a tool that makes a website for you just by answering questions, crazy right?

The editor is smooth & easy to use, you also get live feedback while making your website.


E-commerce available only at 20$/month and up (which is why we recommend using Shopify for E-commerce websites).

If you are willing to make a small business website then Wix is for you. You can create your Wix website from here.


Made in 2007 by Edda Digital AS, Site123 was nominated the “Easiest Website Builder” by too many website.


  • 99.99% Uptime.
  • Very good for simple websites.
  • E-commerce supported.
  • Pretty cool design templates.
  • Their Website Builder is also pretty simple & cool to use.


  • Expensive on high plans.
  • Low customer support.

If you are willing to make a portfolio or a personal website then Site123 is for you.


We tried them both, but we personally prefer, they have a lot of customization tools & they are pretty much cheaper on high plans. So what are you waiting for? go make your website now!

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