(Note: Coming soon! The bot development is finished, but it isn’t hosted yet, I’ll host it as soon as I can. – Hamza Sarih)

TextOwO is a savage and weeb discord copypasta and entertainement bot made to bring some fun to your discord server!

> What can this bot do?

  • Sends great copypastas.
  • Roast your friends.
  • Send cheesy pickup lines to your server e-girls.

& many more on the way!

> Changelog

10/11/2020 V1.0: First Release!

23/09/2020 V0.0: Started bot developement on free times.

> Invite the bot to your server!

> Support the bot developement <3

> Commands

the bot prefix is , (comma)

Cool Definitions

,define term or word

Pickup Lines

,pickup @mention or ,pickup


,roast @mention


,copypasta word

here are the currently available copypastas (space separated):

kira whoasked oceanman goodsht salty oae americantest edgysht americantest salty cumzone egyptianalphabet justdoit gr8 attackhelicopter niceguy rickroll k pizza virus doritos meandmygirl anonsan nineeleven rickharrison rickandmorty lennyface shrug sniper fivedollar emodisapproval emofightme emotableflipping emokoala emodoggo emoupset emocuteflower emohug emosmile

& more on the way!

Random Fun Commands


,dateme ,ping ,peepee ,iloveyou ,play

GIF (add @mention)

,hug ,kiss ,pat ,punch