Let’s say you bought a new domain & an SSL certificate with it, and you went through the pain to install it and finally, after completing all the steps you still get the message “Connection not secure”, “Parts of this page are not secure” or “Connection to this site is not fully secure”.

So you will be wondering “Why do I get this message? How can I fix it Even if my URL is https://?” That’s what we are going to answer in this tutorial.

The reason behind that is that you have some elements in your WordPress website that are kind of “mixed”. For example, you have different links to another website, different pictures from different sources…That’s what produces this problem.

So How to Fix it?

Thankfully, in WordPress, all you need is a really simple plugin for a really simple problem. It’s called Really Simple SSL.

What this plugin does is it detects your SSL certificate first, then it automatically fixes your mixed content problem and that’s pretty much it! All you need now is few simple click.

1 – Install & Activate The plugin.

Go to “Plugins > Add New”, search for Really Simple SSL and install & activate this plugin.

2 – One-Click it!

After you activate the plugin, you will get this message “Almost ready to migrate to SSL!”Press “Go ahead, activate SSL!” and that’s it. Enjoy the green lock on your website.