As you may know, a lot of websites get hacked daily, mainly due to vulnerabilities & security flaws. These vulnerabilities are used by hackers to breach your website.

You definitely don’t want your website to be breached, and all your work to be gone. That wouldn’t be good at all … So it’s your responsibility to protect it and keep it away from all the dangers.

Today we are going to give you some useful tips to help you protect your WordPress website. So you can sleep without worrying about its security.

Keep in mind that there is no website in the world that can’t be hacked, but the more security you have, the fewer chances you have to get hacked.

We are going to talk about different security tips & we recommend using them all, because why not?

I – Make a Hard Username & Password

Some hackers use “Dictionary Attack” (also known as
Password Guessing Brute Force Attacks) to hack WordPress login. Dictionary Attack means they use a program that keeps testing passwords until it finds the right one.

So to protect yourself from that, use Caps & Symbols on your password. For example: instead of “admin” as a username, which is easily guessed, you can use “!4Dmin!” or something like that. Also, always use usernames that aren’t close to the website name or website author.

II – Use Security Plugins

There are various websites that protect your WordPress from different kinds of attacks. Here is a list of some plugins and what they do:

  • Jetpack by Automattic: Made by the company behind WordPress. It Scans security threats, blocks malicious logins & back-up your website.
  • Akismet: Which is also a plugin by WordPress creators. it protects you from any kind of spam comments that may contain harmful links.
  • Sucuri Security: Our favorite in this list, it literally finds & fixes all the vulnerabilities that can harm your website. Plus, it has a powerful Firewall that can stop different kinds of attacks. Nothing less to expect from the child company of GoDaddy.

III – Always Update WordPress & Plugins

Seriously you should never miss an update. Recently, a security issue was discovered on a famous plugin called Simple Social Buttons that could let hackers take over the entire site.

The plugin was updated & the issue was fixed a day after, but website owners who forgot to updates have got their sites hacked. This happened recently and you should take it as a lesson to always update your plugins. Always!

IV – Virus Scan your Computer

You may say, “Why my computer? What does it have to do with my WordPress website?”

I ensure you that if you use your computer to log in to your WordPress website, and if it’s infected by a keylogger virus or already in the hands of a hacker, your WordPress website will be already in danger.

For example, the hacker will have access to your information & accounts you are storing in your computer – including your WordPress login & password. See how your computer security matters too?

However, You can use different malware scanners on the internet to protect yourself, Malwarebytes or Avast for example.

Security is very important in any internet project, that’s why you should always update and protect your website & apps before it’s too late.