You started your blog or your news website, you have been working on it for months now and you wanted to see some $$ flowing into your bank account to motivates you to work more on your website or project. You want that right? Of course and who doesn’t like money?

For real, you need to be paid for the effort you put on your website because every effort must be paid. Am I right?

So in this tutorial, we are going to talk about different methods you can use to monetize your website & start making money and why not a job out of it!

1 – Banner Ads.

Using ads on empty spaces on your website is one of the most popular ways to earn money. Also, One of the most popular ad network programs is Google AdSense. The earning is made through CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) & CPC (Cost Per Click), so you earn money on every one thousand visitors who enter your website & on every click on the ads. However, you need to read their terms first before applying to them.

2 – CPA & Affiliate.

CPA which stands for Cost Per Action is another profitable way to make money. You agree with an advertiser either through a network, a program or directly to get paid for a specified acquisition or action that happens from your website. For example, if you share an advertiser service or product on your website either through a link or post, and one of the visitors actually uses the service or purchases the product. Then easy money you will get a commission from that.

3 – Short Links.

If you use too many external links on your website then this one will be very useful for you. Instead of putting links directly, you add a “bridge” that the visitor has to cross before accessing the link. These links are very short and they contain ads, the user has to wait few second before accessing the desired link. However, URL Shorter sites are illegal according to AdSense terms of use. So you need to be CAREFUL!

4 – Sponsors.

You can make a deal with some companies to advertise their products, posts, articles or services on your website. Like selling or renting some space on your website. They usually pay depending on how much visitors see the ad which is CPM, just like AdSense but with a higher paying.

5 – Donations.

Donations became a very normal thing on the internet nowadays. People are getting thousands of donated dollars just by sitting and playing a videogame live. So if you are providing a service or giving free tutorials to visitors, don’t be shy to add a PayPal donate button on your website so visitors would be able to support you if they really appreciated your work. Trust me, you deserve donations too as well as streamers.