You have probably already hosted your website and now you need a domain name, or you just need an extra domain name for your business or company, or maybe you decided to buy the domain name first before starting to work on your website. If that’s what you need, then you came to the right article!

As we described in How to Make a WordPress Website, a domain name represents the identity of your website, from it people will be able to know and access your website. It became one of the most important things to have right now. Have you ever seen a big company without a .com, .org or .net? I guess you didn’t.

In this article, we will help you get a domain name from our favourite registrar, Namecheap.

I – Getting the Domain Name

1- Picking the Right Name & Domain

This is the most important step. You need to pick the name you will be using on your website or your company name. First, you need to check if it’s available or not. for example, already exists and no one else can set up a domain name by this name. For the domain, we recommend using a top-level domain name, for example, “.com” “.org” “.net”…

2 – Confirming & Paying the Order

You can choose to add more paid features, set up the domain settings or just buy directly. after that select the billing address and payments options. Then checkout.

3- Your Domain Name is Ready!

You are good to go. Now you can set it with your website.

If you didn’t add your website to your hosting yet. Then keep following this tutorial, We got your back ;).

II – Setting Up the Domain Name with your Website.

1 – Login & Access the Dashboard

2 – Choose Manage

After accessing the dashboard you will find your active domain, Press manage.

3 – Add your Hosting Nameservers

Every hosting provider has its unique nameservers that should be added in order to link both the domain and the website. For this tutorial, we will be using Hostinger. You can signup there from this link if you need cheap & high quality hosting if you don’t have your hosting.

You can ask your hosting provider for more help about nameservers.

the nameservers for Hostinger are:

  • Add these after selecting “Custom DNS” on the type.

4 – Now Login to your Hosting Account & press Manage.

5 – In the Dashboard, Go to Domains > Add Website.

6 – Fill the Required Information’s.

On the Add domain, Choose “My Own Domain” then write down your new domain name there. Make sure to not forget the password!

Yey, now your domain name is linked to your website! It may take up to 24h to be linked but no problem, be patient :D.

If you have your HTML website files and you want to upload them. then go to “Website > Import Website” and upload them there. They should be in .zip, .tar or .tar.gz archive in order to be uploaded.

Oh wait, you have a WordPress website backup or on localhost? No problem. Go to “Website > Auto-Installer” and select WordPress. Then Hostinger will automatically install WordPress on your website related to your domain. After that, go ahead and migrate your website from localhost or restore your backup on your new website.

That’s pretty much it! if you still need help don’t hesitate to contact us, thanks for reading!

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