Maybe you have thought too about opening a ecommerce shopping website where you can sell some products you own too, or make it your main project and take business professionally.

In this article, we are going to show you how to make an online store easily using Shopify, which is used by the top ecommerce sites, in just a few steps. Press this link to get 14 days free trial of Shopify! You can also try WooCommerce.

I – Creating the Store

1 – Go to Shopify & Signup

You will get a free trial from this link, so go ahead and start it! Enter your email, password and your new online store name.

2 – Fill the Required Information

3 – Your store is ready!

Now it’s time to customize your store little bit.

II – Customizing the Theme

The theme is so important in every e-commerce store ever. The more good-looking your store is, the more chances you have to get sells. So you need to focus on this step and make your store the most beautiful one among Shopify stores.

1 – Go to Customize Theme

You can choose to Customize the default theme or add a new one. Let’s start with adding a free Shopify theme.

2 – Explore Available Themes

Choose one of the free available themes. Otherwise, You can choose to buy a theme from the Shopify store.

3 – Select your Theme

You can choose different options to apply to your theme. for example, if you are good with coding you can go ahead and edit the theme code or you can download the theme to use it somewhere else. But you need to be careful with editing the code because that may make your theme unusable and it may not work anymore. For now, we will use the “Customize” button.

4 – Customize it!

A user-friendly interface with a lot of options. So go ahead and make a masterpiece!

III – Adding a Domain

You can choose to buy a domain from Shopify for $14 USD/year but that’s a bit expensive than usual. However, you can check out our Guide to get a cheap & secured “.com” domain for only 8.8$ per year!

IV – Let’s Add Products!

Now it’s time to add some products to your new store!

1 – Go to the Dashboard and Press Add Product.

2 – Start by Filling the Basic Stuff

Add a catchy product title and a good description. Also, the product’s images are very important, and tags too to get discoverable easily.

3 – Add the Price & the Inventory

Here you can choose to add a price and how much quantity you have of the product. You can also choose to add an SKU and/or make the product price look discounted.

4 – Add the Shipping, The Variants & the SEO.

You can add the shipping information, add variants to the product if it has any & finally how it will look like on search engines.

5 – Save & That’s it!

See how easy it is to sell products on Shopify? Now go ahead and start your online e-commerce business with Shopify!

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