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Python Operators

Python is a very rich language which makes it a bit hard to memorize everything, including operators. If you want to learn more about operators then keep reading 🙂 Mathematical Operators (Arithmetic) Name Syntax in Python Example Addition + 2+1 Substraction – 2-1 Multiplication * 2*1 Division / 2/1 Modulus % 2%1 Exponentiation ** 2**2 […]

Make Memes Using Your Smartphone Only!

Thanks to our smartphones, we became able to do too many things that were impossible to do on a mobile phone only a few years ago. Like making memes! Memes are the best form of entertainment on the internet. I mean, who doesn’t know what memes are anymore? Unless if it’s a boomer. A few […]

Amazing Free Fonts That You Can Use!

In this article, you will find a list of FREE amazing fonts that you can use personally to flex on your friends or commercially to attract customers. Feel free! LokiCola Do you want to flex with your name in your favourite soda style? Then use LokiCola! Download! Star Jedi Outline Yes, there is a font […]

A to Z CSS Syntax

Here you are going to find from A to Z CSS Syntax that may help you during your web design. Use CTRL+F if you are looking for a specific syntax. What Is CSS ? CSS ( Cascading Style Sheets ) is the language used to style HTML documents and define how they will look like. […]

Drive Free Traffic to Your Website

Traffic, traffic, traffic. Your biggest problem after you finish making & filling your website. Especially if you are willing to Monetize It, traffic = money, and there is no money without traffic. In this article, we are going to give you a list of free methods & ways you can rely on to make your […]

How to Enable “Dark Mode” on Windows 10

I think you may have already seen someone using Windows 10 with dark mode and you thought: “Oh that’s cool, how can I do that?”. Trust me, it’s so simple. 1- Right-click on your desktop and press personalise (or personalize). 2- On the left, choose Colours(or colors), scroll down and select dark on “Choose your […]

8 Effective Windows Commands

Microsoft Windows has been one of the most popular (if not the MOST POPULAR) operating systems that existed since the ’80s. And it still popular now in 2019, good job Bill. If you are using windows, there are some cool windows commands that can be done from the command line. In this article, I will […]

How to Increase your Windows 10 Performa...

Are you suffering from lag on your microsoft windows 10 computer? Is it freezing from time to time? Are you experiencing FPS drops while you are gaming? We got the solution! Today we bring you 4 methods to make your windows run faster than Eminem’s rapping (Well not really, not that fast). I – Disabling […]

Make a website using Joomla

Since 2005, Joomla has been on the top list of the best Content Management System that is related to creating websites. According to, Joomla is the second most popular content managment system after WordPress, with a 6.7% market share. Too many people like to make their website using Joomla! It’s also trusted by big […]

How to Fix SSL “Connection Not Secure” o

Let’s say you bought a new domain & an SSL certificate with it, and you went through the pain to install it and finally, after completing all the steps you still get the message “Connection not secure”, “Parts of this page are not secure” or “Connection to this site is not fully secure”. So you […]