You may have thought about adding a merchandise page or a shop page on your WordPress website, let’s say you are a famous Streamer, YouTuber or influencer who has a WordPress website and you want to make some extra money by providing your fans merch & selling it on your website. The best option for that would be the famous ecommerce plugin WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is the best e-commerce selling platform if you are willing to start selling products using WordPress, it’s also the most customizable eCommerce platform for building an online business. There is also another famous eCommerce platform called Shopify if you are interested to know about it too.

What’s good about WooCommerce is that you can set it up in just a few minutes and start selling anything directly, it works with real, virtual & downloadable products. Which confirms the fact that you can sell anything on it.

It has too many features including :

  • Unlimited Customization, Products Count, Images & Products Variations.
  • CSV Import/Export.
  • Affiliate Products Supported.
  • Blogging Supported with Embed Products on Posts.
  • Reviews & Ratings on Products.
  • Shipping Settings.
  • Payment Processing via Stripe, Cash on Delivery, Direct Bank Transfer, PayPal, Credit Cards, Checks.
  • Auto-Geolocation.
  • Tax Settings.
  • Customer’s Accounts.
  • Inventory & Order Management.
  • Add Team to Manage your Shop.
  • Guest Checkout.

Before installing WooCommerce, you need a WordPress website and a beautiful theme that can support it, which you can find in this article about free WordPress themes.

I – Installing & Setting WooCommerce.

1 – Go to Plugins > Add New and Install WooCommerce.

2 – Fill the Info.

After activating, you will get this setup page that will help you set up your store, payment, shipping… However, we don’t recommend skipping it since it will make things easier for you.

3 – WooCommerce is Installed & Ready Now!

Your WooCommerce is configured now, you can start selling your products. From here you will be managing your Orders & Products.

Furthermore, let’s list some products.

II – Products Listing.

1 – Fill the Important Product Details.

Now to start listing your products, go to Products > Add New. Fill the important information including the name, images, tags & description of the product. This is the most important step in listing because what customers always see first is how the product looks like + it description. Tags are also important because they are the gateway to your product being found on search engines.

After that, fill the other product details including the price, the quantity, the shipping & the attributes if your product has any.

There are also different product data that helps you fill the information depending on which kind of product you are willing to sell.

2 – Save Your Product and/or Publish It

You can either save it, preview it to see how it looks on your website & finally, publish it.

Now you have your first product on your website! Congratulations.

If you get a sell, you can manage it from Woocommerce > Orders.

Now you know how it is done, so go ahead and start making some $$