Born on 21 January 2000, Hamza Sarih is an ambitious IT Developer, a musician who likes to play guitar, a content creator, and a petrol-head.


His interest in computers & technology started when he was 7 years old. His father taught him how to use the computer and this was the beginning for him.


Hamza’s first original nickname was Hosiw. He used it first in 2014 as his YouTube channel name.


Later in 2016, he came up with the name Hosiwarix & started using it everywhere. On his social media accounts, video games, … etc.


In late 2017 & early 2018, Hamza started learning about Entrepreneurship & business. Which made him really want to start a project and be self-employed. Hosiwarix was used in business at first as his Google Play Developer name.

After finishing high school in 2018, Hamza continued his studies in a software development school.


On his birthday, 21 January 2019, Hamza decided to launch a personal website using his favorite nickname Hosiwarix. Where he started sharing valuable information, tutorials & more!

19 July 2019, he launched his first online course on Now, that course has over 9000 Students!

29 August 2019, he decided to start taking internet business more seriously and started setting some goals & learning more about online businesses.

14 October 2019, he started working on QtSnail. He kept his focus on the entertainment page until it started falling down in March 2020.


April 2020, Hamza started learning Python and took a break afterward in October to focus more on his studies.

He finished his college exams on 16 September 2020.

23 September 2020, he started working on a Discord Bot.

19 October 2020, Hamza started genshin_meme, a meme page based on the open-world RPG video game Genshin Impact.


December 2021 – February 2021, Hamza took a break from IT to make some quick money from a videogame.

May 2021, Worked on

June 2021, Worked on

7 October 2021, Started his own virtual media agency, The agency is not doing any activities at the moment.

November 2021, Hamza started an internship at Map Concepts.


January 2022, He finished his internship.

February 2022 to Now, Freelancing as a Video Editor.